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New York Style Entertainment

Bands, Dj's & Karaoke

Homecoming, Prom, Back to School, Sweet 16...

We have the music you need!

Our music library is contstanly being updated so that you get the music that is fresh and new. Whether you are looking for hip-hop, R&B, Rock, Alternative, or Top 40, we will play what you will get you on the dance floor!

We play what you want to hear!

We believe that the DJ should take requests and play requests. You know what you want to dance to, so just let us know. As long as we have it, we are happy to play it.

Our DJ's are fun!

The days of the DJ sitting behind the DJ booth are gone. Your DJ will interact with you and engage your crowd and encourage participation. Our DJ's know what they are doing and can create an atmosphere that allows you to have fun.

Dancing, but with a conscience!

     Don't worry sponsors, our music is edited. You can feel confident that we can play the music the kids want, without worrying about the status of your job!

Taking it to the next level!

Want more than the standard stuff? Order upgrades! More speakers, more subwoofers, nightclub-style lighting, bubbles, streamers, fog machines, Video Screens. We have what it takes to make your event memorable and fun.

Spin Me Right Round