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New York Style Entertainment

Bands, Dj's & Karaoke

The three most important elements of the Mitzvah celebration:


  • We here at New York Style Entertainment will create an atmosphere highlighting tradition. From the blessing over the meal, the time honored tradition of the Hora, along with our ability to perform Jewish music we remind everyone that even after the service had ended how important Mitzvah traditions are. We also incorporates “newer” Mitzvah traditions such as the candle lighting ceremony to commemorate family and friends.


  • We being part of your extended family for this joyous day are intimately aware of the importance of family at a Mitzvah celebration. We make sure everyone is involved in some aspect of the party, whether it through a grand entrance acknowledging each family member, calling family members to the microphone to offer special words to the Bar/ Bat Mitzvah, or a special dance dedicated solely to the family.


  • New York Style Entertainment are the party expert! Through a non-stop fun filled day of games, interactive dances, diverse play lists for all guests, great giveaways and special requests, we make sure everyone leaves the Mitzvah elated and exhausted! Experience helps us to maintain the perfect pace reflecting the tone of the day and the age groups present at the party. Some of the most popular game activity's are:

  • Coke and Pepsi
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Mummy or Present Wrap
  • Freeze Dance
  • Musical Chairs
  • Dance Contest with gift giveaways
  • and many more

We here at New York Style Entertainment will work closely with you to customize a Mitzvah celebration that reflects your son or daughter’s unique personality as well as that of your family’s. We have many great ideas to share to make your celebration unique and beautiful!

Silver Mitzvah Package (Live DJ)

• 1 Energetic DJ/MC for up to 4 Hours

• Full range of music (All of the current hits and past favorites!)

• Your choice of any/all special traditions

(Grand Entrance, Candle Lighting, Etc.)

• Silver Club Lighting Package (Musically Sync'ed Lighting)

• Small Give-a-Way "Novelties" Package

Included (50 Glow Necklaces, 50 Hawaiian Leis)

• Fully Interactive Games and Dance floor Instruction

• Music & Planning Consultations

Gold Mitzvah Package (DJ & MC)

• 2 Person Performance Team -

1 MC/DJ, 1 Assistant DJ (4 Hours)

• Gold Lighting Package - Our Computerized "Club-Style" Intelligent Light Show

• Medium Give-a-Way "Novelties" Package Included

(Glow Necklaces, Hawaiian Leis,Assorted Sunglasses, & Hats)

• Free Cocktail Hour Music (If Applicable to your Party)

Premium Mitzvah Pkg (Video DJ)

• Video DJ spinning the hottest music videos LIVE on

• HUGE 10" Rear Projection Screen

• Slideshows from a DVD or Powerpoint for cocktail or

dinner provided by client.(optional)

• Ambient Video Effects

• +Everything in the Gold Package

Ultimate Mitzvah Package

• 3 Person Performance Team - 1 MC/DJ, 1 Assist. DJ, & 1 Hip-Hop Dancer

• Extreme Lighting Package - Intense Intelligent Light Show, Laser Package

• Free Cocktail Hour Music (If Applicable to your Party)

• Large Give-a-Way "Novelties" Package Included (Medium Package PLUS Inflatable Guitars, Microphones, Etc)

Upgrades & Options

• Shadow Dancing - No Extra Charge on Video Packages.

• Additional Dancers

• Decor "Up-Lighting"

• Lighting Package Upgrades - Varies depending on package, Please Call

Live Musicians & Celebrity Appearances:

• Pricing varies depending on performer. Please Call

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