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New York Style Entertainment

Bands, Dj's & Karaoke

About Your Entertainment

Of course when planning such an elaborate day, a budget is one of the first things that usually come to mind. It's very difficult to quote accurate prices without having an idea of which services you are interested in.

We customize specific packages to help match your desires and budget. We PROMISE to work within your budget and help create your perfect package.

Our wedding entertainment ranges from $799 - $3500, with $1500 being the average price. We believe that our rates match the excellent service & quality you need for your special day. Pricing may also depend on location and the date of your event.

***** This is your biggest day of your life, and your DJ will play a critical part in the success of your event.

Price shopping for your DJ is highly NOT recommended. *****

 There are the $300 DJ's.......................

Then there's New York Style Entertainment.

Here are the differences:

  • $250 - $700 Wedding DJ
  • - Minimal experience
  • - Minimal talent/DJ Skills
  • - Moderate musical knowledge He probably still plays "YMCA, Electric Slide" & Macarena" and relies on props, hats and sunglasses to entertain your guests
  • - Bad Equipment You'd be amazed how bad the music can sound when the DJ's equipment is old and cheap
  • - Probably not a full-time DJ He does it on the side for a few extra bucks
  • - Does not have a full-time office. He probably works out of his basement. Just how reliable is that?
  • - You'll usually get his answering machine when you call him
  • - Cross your fingers and hope he'll play the music that you and your guests want, while programming and mixing it properly.
  • - No Insurance, if a accident happens the soul responsibility falls to the client.

  • New York Style Entertainment
  • - Pricing starts at $799
  • - Professional entertainers with over 20 years experience
  • - A full time office open 6 days a week
  • - A full time office manager available for every phone call & email. We answer the phone when it rings!
  • - The most talented DJ roster in the area. Our DJ's have entertained at over a combined 1500 events in the past decade.
  • - Our DJ's talents have been heard on major radio stations in NYC and Florida - 103.5 WKTU, Z100 - Y100, Sirius XM & Music Choice TV for the past 10 years
  • - When not spinning at weddings, our DJ's are employed at the most prestigious night clubs/bars in the local area.
  • We carry the best insurance specifically designed for DJ's to cover any and all occurrences that might happen in the course of an event.